Thinking about joining the Group?

You might find some useful information here if you are interested in joining our research group as an undergraduate research assistant, a graduate student, or a postdoc.

For Illinois ECE Undergraduates

To best exploit the experience as an undergraduate researcher in our group, one has to be academically prepared in a number of subjects. These subjects are covered in a series of courses offered by the ECE department. Please see the chart below for the suggested time of joining the group.

We strong encourage interested students to commit at least two semesters for the research assistantship, and consider the research as part of their senior theses.
To be considered for an unpaid undergraduate research assistant position, please email Prof. Gong with an up-to-date resume and course transcripts. Strong grades are typically required for the courses in the chart above. Prior research experience is also highly valued but not required. Paid undergraduate research assistant positions are only available to students who have made significant contribution to research projects in the group.

For UIUC Non-ECE Undergraduates (Physics, Material Science, and Mechanical)

Please email Prof. Gong an up-to-date resume and course transcripts. Consideration will be given in a case by case scenario.

For Potential Graduate Students

We strongly encourage qualified candidates to apply for graduate studies at ECE Illinois. Please indicate your interest in working with Prof. Gong when you apply to our programs. The ECE department accept applications for both fall and spring admissions. You may find application instruction to our graduate program HERE.
Note that the availability of graduate research assistant (GRA) positions depends on funding availability and therefore varies from year to year. New positions, if any available, will be announced on this group website by November 20th each year for the fall admission, and by July 20th for the spring admission. Please do NOT email to inquire the availability of positions before these dates.
Due to the large number of graduate applicants we receive each year, Prof. Gong cannot comment on your chance of admission. The criteria for evaluating potential GRAs include top grades in relevant courses, strong reference letters, and a great track record in relevant research.

For Potential Postdocs

The availability of funded postdoc positions is also transient and dependent of funded research projects. New positions are typically announced on this group website and filled within a month. In most occasions, the candidate is required to start within three months after the position announcement. The criteria for evaluating the candidate vary for different projects. Please refer to the specific announcement for details.
To respond to an available position, please email your CV and at least three references to professor Gong:

Got more questions?

Please direct any related questions to professor Gong: